Kristen Valley



Kristen Valley is a photographer and graphic designer from Maryville, Illinois. Kristen became
interested in photography in middle school, pursued it more directly in high school through
clubs, and explored its various avenues in college, finding a love of graphic design along the
way. Her artwork tends to focus on appreciating everyday moments.

Artist Statement

The places we walk through every day can seem like empty walls, hard concrete, or stale air. In reality, the spaces we interact in hold memories. What is now an empty room was once the backdrop for our happiest moments. This series uses photos collected over the last four years to highlight the locations of treasured moments, both big and small, from various aspects of my life, showing how memories breathe life into the spaces in which they were created. These photos come together to tell the story of the past four years of my life with personalized notes to further emphasize the relationships built in these locations.