Robert Morin is a Latino visual artist originating from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Currently based in central Illinois, Robert’s imagery illustrates topics of cultural identity, environmental activism, and the visually alluring. Through the medium of photography, his work aims to evoke conversation beyond the image as a means of visual poetry. Robert’s practices utilize contemporary and alternative processes of photographic print making. Some examples of the processes that Robert utilizes are emulsion lift, salt print process and inkjet printing.

Artist Statement

Exploring the psyche in the abyss of one’s subconsciousness does not come without seeking discomfort, inner tension, uncertainty, and remembrance. In this series of imagery, Robert delves deep into the subconscious, where memories and echoes of the past illuminate unseen depths. Morin’s imagery sheds light onto the ephemeral nature of memories and the subconscious. Imagery coupled with an auditory experience explores discomfort, inner tension, uncertainty, and remembrance, seeking to deepen our understanding of the psyche. In the broader context of this exploration, Robert unearths inner trials and fluctuating emotions from both the past and the present.